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The Middle East is quite a different region all together which has a different culture, a different language, different values and norm, different religion and most of all, different set of rules and regulations as well. Anyhow, there are certain positives and negatives in moving to other region. Especially if you are a Muslim since this region is known to be the mother land of all Muslims. The positives are basically that this region is popular and common to have ample amount of riches since oil is one of the common things you can find here although water is rare and precious with a little bit of tough rules which are prevailing in the region. Hence this article will focus on many other positives and negatives of living in the Middle East.

Cost of Living

If you are relocating to Dubai this is one of the biggest areas which you need to pay attention to and ensure you are aware of every single detail about this aspect. The cost of living in this region is usually high due to expensive life style of housing and private schooling. Although the positive side of it is that this country is tax free which means if you earn enough to cover you expenses on a daily basis the life in this country would be a fabulous one assured. The wage level is also quite high there if you have the right job hence ensure the right job with the right income is set if you are to establish there.


Well the culture is of course a very religious one and therefore you will need to adhere to each and every thing said in the holy Quran as well abide by all the laws stated in the Shariya law. A few such rules are decent attire of cloths which suit their culture, regular prayer hours, extremely committed relationships etc. It is also important to understand their culture and see things in their point of view rather than naming them and tagging them as wrong or less civilized culture. It’s another type of a culture which has its own logical ways and means of living in the world. 

Schooling in Middle East

If you are relocating to Dubai this is one of major aspects which needs much attention since schooling is done privately in this country and as a result the schooling has become much expensive. They have all the types of education available in the world such as the UK exams, US exams and other common exams in the world. However, if you are to educate your daughter, never reach to Middle East because it’s always a bad choice.

Hence I believe that this article has provided much sufficient information for the migrators if they are to consider the choice of Middle East Migration.