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With the existence of so many small and large scale business of the same type, the competition has increased. The availability of many products has increased the consumer rights as well. However this can have negative influence on your company. Protecting the company name and reputation is not that easy. However following are two easy methods to make sure your company name is protected.
Register your business correctly
Many businesses simply fill the incorporation forms and then go on about doing their business. Most of sole proprietorships and small businesses make this mistake. Every company has a registered company name and may be a different name that it does business with, which is called the trade name. Trade name registration in Dubai is a very important step to protecting the business. For example if you are running salon and the business is registered under xyz (Pvt) ltd. But the name of the salon is ABC salons, the consumers wouldn’t know who is running the business. It is better to register the trade name which are ABC salons as the DBA (Doing business as). This protects the trade name and no one else would be able to register a company in that name.
This can be done very easily by filling out a form and submitting it to the relevant authorities. You can get help from an attorney if you do not know how to do the application for this.
Trademark your logo and products
Trade mark is declaring the ownership of a unique product, which means if you have created a unique logo for your company, if the trademark this, no one else is able to use the same logo or the colours in it. This way the only company who uses that logo would be yours. You can trademark your products as well. Today there are many similar types of products launched by competitors. This not only harms the reputation of your company but also results in revenue loss. If you have created a unique product, for example a cake design, a dress design or even a cosmetic product, it is better to trade mark it to make sure no one else is copying it and making money. Link here to gain ideas about company formation in Dubai.
Trade marking is slightly expensive compared to trade name registration. But in comparison to how much money you will lose if your unique product is copied and sold by your competitors, price for trade marking would look cheaper.
With the emerging of many new businesses, the protection of the reputation and the brand of a company is not very easy, especially when it comes to small business. By taking small steps you can make sure your company is unharmed.