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Unexpected vehicle breakdowns are one of the biggest and the most annoying problems that vehicle owners have to deal with. All vehicle owners are under the impression that breakdowns are inevitable. This is not at all true. Before your vehicle breaks down, it will give you certain signs and symptoms about its condition. If you are able to look out for these symptoms, you can prevent the problem from occurring. The following are some symptoms that you need to keep an eye out for.

Warning lights

This is the most common and one of the earliest signs that you will notice. If something is wrong under the hood, your vehicle will immediately inform you by flashing these warning lights. However, these lights can flash due to a number of problems. For instance, they will start to blink for low oil pressure problems as well as for anti-braking system issues. Regardless, it is best to get it fixed since they can deteriorate into worse states. Do not take these lights slightly since you will definitely regret it later.

Grinding while stopping

If your car squeals or grinds when you stop it, then it definitely means that you need to invest on auto spare parts soon. This is definitely not a good sign since it warns you of a possible breakdown in the future. If your car makes a grinding noise when you slow done, it means that there is something wrong with your breaking system. This could be either a problem in the breaking pads or even the brake oil. Remember that having inefficient brakes can be highly dangerous and can result in accidents. Therefore, make sure to get them fixed immediately.

Excessive vibrating

If your car vibrates a little too much when you are driving, it means that there is an internal problem that needs to be taken care of. Figure out the problem and replace it with high quality auto spare parts in Dubai to ensure that the problem will not occur again.

Oil spots under the car

If you see any oil underneath the car, it means that your vehicle is leaking. This must be fixed as soon as possible since it will not only damage your car and lead to a breakdown, but it can also result in oil and fuel wastage. Do not disregard the problem as a small leak since it can turn into a buddle over the short time. This will empty the oil in your car quickly and will make you spend unnecessarily.

Looking out for these problems can save a significant amount of time, effort and money spent on the repair process.