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You do not have to travel to be adventurous. Sometimes you can sample a little adventure with your taste buds. A great way to broaden your horizons is to try different foods. A lot them may seem a little exotic for your taste (pun, intended). The culinary experience will be truly worth it. The amalgamation of a variety of ingredients both expected and unexpected, will take you on a journey unlike anything you have experienced before. Here are the top five cuisines that you simply must try at least once.

Indian Food

The delicious Indian cuisine in Dubai is a delightful one because it has so much to offer in the way of flavour. There is so much of delicious seasonings swirling on your tongue that it is like a little explosion of taste. There is also so much variety.

India is such a large nation and has so many different subcultures. This means that there are so many different styles of Indian cooking, each one with their own flair. Each region of India is known for their different take on the Indian cuisine.

Brazilian Food

Brazilian food has been influenced by Amerindian, African, and European culture and reflects the discrepancy of nationalities in the country. Root vegetables, fruits, and meat feature heavily in Brazilian food. Some of the more popular dishes are rice and beans, cheese bread, chicken croquettes, and tropical fruits such as acai. As you travel from region to region in Brazil you will find variations in the types of food.

Lebanese Food

Lebanese cuisine typically consists of vegetables, fruits, seafood, and fish. Lean meat and red meat are also eaten but in lesser quantities than other food. The main seasonings found in Lebanese food are olive oil and garlic. The food is usually grilled, baked, or fried in olive oil. Vegetables are usually eaten uncooked or pickled. The Lebanese flat bread is usually found at every meal. In most cases it is a substitute for utensils. Lebanese is also famous for its ice cream which is flavoured with fresh or dried fruits and nuts.

Spanish Food

The most popular type of Spanish food among foreigners are tapas, which are essentially appetizers. Spain’s many dishes extend far beyond mere appetizers. A prevalent dish in Spain is paella which is made from rice, stock, fish and meat and is seasoned with a variety of spices. Churros are another food that you do not want to miss from this cuisine. It is a deep fried pastry that can be eaten with chocolate or fruits. It is had as a breakfast food or a dessert. The tortillas in Spain are closer to an omelette rather than the flour-based bread in other Spanish influenced countries.

The list certainly does not stop with the foods of these countries. They, however, will provide you with a particularly delightful culinary experience. These foods are relatively mild and so can be enjoyed by most people, regardless of the sensitivity of their taste buds. It will be a great treat for you to try these different cuisines, especially with a friend. Variety is the spice of life, after all.