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Patchwork is one of the ancient arts that have reemerged in the modern times after the high end designers took it upon themselves to make gorgeous colored clothes of patchwork and other cloth works. Patchwork pillowcases and cushion covers are pretty easy to make and they also look amazing. You can pick and choose between different materials to use and different shades to go for. So here are the basics of patchwork art of cushion cover making.Things required for the cushion cover
• Industrial sewing machines, sewing machine in Dubai or a regular one with coordinated thread
• A 0.25 inch foot for the machine
• Assorted fabric
• Cushion insert (you can purchase from local crafts store or supermarket)
• Interfacing or batting depending on the fabric being used (décor weight fabric does not need this but cotton and other fabric needs this)
Taking measurements
First of all you will need to measure the cushion insert that you purchased and then decide into squares or whichever shapes you want the patchwork done. When dividing you will need to use the width of the cushion and then divide it by 4 to give you the size of each finished square to use (finished square the final sewn together patchwork).
Usually in patchworks you need to use a 0.25inch seam as is standard. So when you are cutting the squares make sure to allocate the fabric with the seams included.
Cutting and doing the work
When you are cutting the patches from the fabric take 16 squares or other shape from the fabric you want and then arrange them in a row to make the width of the cushion. Before you get to the part where you are stitching them together with the regular or industrial sewing machines in Dubai you will need to make sure your arrangement of colors is ok. So pin up the shapes to make the cushion and take a look at them from afar.
When getting the stitching done, take two shapes and stitch them together first with a 0.25 inch seam allowed. Then stitch the third and fourth shape until the first row is done. Then afterwards start stitching the rows to make the patchwork art done. Once the each row is done, it is a good idea to stitch the seams or iron them so that they do not end up sticking up or getting to one side and becoming bulky.
Sometimes it is a good idea to use an infusing layer when you are using cotton or other thin material. If not, then finish up the work by stitching the seams together to make the cushion.