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A long time ago, man was an active, healthy creature managing ways to survive by hunting for meat and foraging plants. Everything they obtained was through the goodness of the earth, and they were fine with it too. Over time, development took over and urbanization set in; today, these times are history and could not be more different to the era we currently live in. Aside from the health risks we face from our stagnant jobs that do not enable you to move around like you should as well as mobile phones that we just will not put down even before bed, there is also a very rea danger in consuming foods that are not fresh.
Did you know that cardiovascular disease has been listed to be the number one killer in the world? Consumption of artificially processed foods, especially if you eat them frequently is detrimental to your heart health as it can clog your arteries. This can eventually lead to stroke, and some of the foods that contribute to this can be excessive doughnuts, biscuits, and frozen potato products which is quite popular despite this dire trait.
This list is just further cementing the reason you need to put aside the microwave, and actually make some fresh food from scratch. Aside from heart disease, cancer is another threat that is lurking about where processed foods are concerned. This is not to say you need to give up your favourite burger at any point, however eating them less frequently will actually make a difference. On cheat day, you should treat yourself to one as it can be hard to make the switch to healthy living.
Fortunately, increasing awareness on obesity and other diseases caused by food has woken the public up to the plight our population is facing. With less and less emphasis on the importance of fresh food, people are increasingly heading out to get fast food especially as they are in a hurry. Frozen potato products do not qualify as fresh food, although they are incredibly convenient if you have a party as you can make them at home at any time.
Aside from the above, another problem which the ladies are not going to be too thrilled to hear, is the fact that it affects your skin. Layers of fat deposits from these food accumulate over time, blocking pores and resulting in blackheads and pimples. This just goes to show how potent this stuff is and why you should actually stay away. Eat plenty of fruits and vegetables to get your skin back, and encourage a more even-tone.