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If you take a look at the text message and email inbox of different people in the world, you are sure to find a whole lot of messages meant to market certain companies, products and services. Most of these are going to have the Subject field rife with attractive tag lines. There are over 140 billion email messages sent per day (and they say email is dying). Because of this, businesses take advantage of this form of communication to push new, better products to their customers. However, if you try to do things the same way that all the other marketers are doing it, you are going to be in a spot of trouble. Your emails are going to simply drown in the commonness of everything else. You have to make yourself stand out among the rest. Be the email marketer customers will click on out of curiosity, and won’t just push to the spam section.

Get personal without names

Back in the day, using personalized emails with the customer’s name in the subject and introduction was the norm. Now, WhatsApp marketing and other instant messages are a huge part of business communication. This has changed the way emails are sent. You don’t have to use their names anymore, but you should still ensure that you are keeping it personal. In the world today, security while on the internet is a huge concern of many users. Their online privacy matters a lot to them. Using a consumer’s name in the email you send them can lead to them thinking that their privacy on the internet has been compromised. While personalized greetings and messages are fine, it is best not to use their names unless it is absolutely necessary. Gain their trust by being just as cautious as they are when you are building the message you are going to send.

Buyer personalization

In some cases, WhatsApp marketing Dubai and email plans can get personal in a different way. While it may not be the best choice to use names while messaging them, you can still use their usernames if they are subscribed on your site. Having them believe that their username is the only thing you can access gives customers a sense of security in troubled times.

In addition to this, you can think about personalizing your emails using their history with your company. A good example of this is eBay. When they send you an email, they make use of your recent purchases to recommend other products in a related field to you as well. With the right type of personalization and knowing the line, you are a shoo-in for success.