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Food Ideas For Your Kids

Food is a vital part of our daily living and in most homes for working mums it can become problem to make homemade food in a rush too. You must figure out a way to make the meals your kids love while saving time doing it too. Here are some food ideas for your children:
A lamb tagine is delicious, quick and easy child friendly brunch recipe too. It requires simmered lamb, boiled vegetables and couscous. Focus on marinating the beef with great ground spices and then letting it simmer for a while on the stove. Chop up some carrots, celery and pumpkin and add it to the boiling water. After the items are boiled add them to a simmering pot of cooked lamb. If you are really looking for a side dish dip some couscous in hot water for two minutes or so. Then serve hot.
Most people forget that porridge can taste amazing if made the correct way. You simply need to place in on the store in hot water or milk if you want some added flavor then you must consider adding some fresh fruit to it. It is a fibrous meal which is great for your child’s breakfast or lunch too. Try serving some with blueberries or banana.
Pasta is a great source of fiber and vitamin B. You can even add some vegetables to the mix when you are making the thick tomato sauce. Try to boil the pasta for at least 10 minutes before adding it to the warm sauce. Keep in mind that the sauce is the main component of the dish so add fresh tomato puree, minced chicken tofu, spinach or even carrots. Then add some salt to taste. Mix the mixture with the warm pasta and add some cheese on top. It is quick and easy for a child friendly brunch or dinner too.
Soup is a great way to make your kid eat his or her vegetables too. You can boil some vegetables in water and add boiled meat or yoghurt to the mixture too. Make sure you make it tasty so that your kid will not be able to tell the difference over how many vegetables were used in the mixture too. Remember to always use salt and pepper to taste adding too much or too little can only make your food inedible for you and your child. Ask a nutritionist for help if you do not know what sort of meals you must make at home. Some might even provide you books and links on the internet for more details.