How To Start A Student Club

While most university students like to join various clubs as part of their extra-curricular, there are some others who take it a step up and start their own club. It may seem a hard task at first, but with a little bit of perseverance, it is completely doable. The trick is to know exactly what needs to be done before you start any club activities. Here are a few essential steps that will help you with the process.

What and When?

First and foremost you will need to decide the purpose of your club. It may be related to a field of interest, a hobby, or even a sport. When deciding on the purpose, make sure that it is based on something you are passionate about. If not, the chances that the club will continue in the long run will be questionable. You should also check around campus whether similar clubs exist. If they do then it is advisable that you join them, rather than forming a separate one on your own. You will also need to decide if it is a club that will regularly meet or not.

Recruit People

Get a few flyers printed from a print shop, and start hanging them around campus.

Ask the print shop Dubai to do a simple design of it based on what other clubs normally do, if you’re not too sure on what you need to include in it. Make sure you highlight the main purpose, as well as the meeting place and time for the first meeting. You should also include your contact details, in case anyone needs to clarify anything.


Once you have the sufficient number of members, then you will need to go and register your club with the university. Make sure you find out all the requirements beforehand from the administration unit, and that you fill in all the paperwork that needs to be handed in.

Make it Official

Ideally during the first meeting, it is best to discuss all the rules, and procedures that pertain to your club. Ask the members about the dates and times that are convenient for them, and pick something that the majority wants. In addition you can also start appointing terms of office, such as president, secretary, treasurer and so forth. Once this has been settled, you may need to establish the path of communication with the members as well as the hierarchy when it comes to making decisions. You will also need to come up with an official name for your club. Thereafter in the following meetings, you can decide on any logos, or mottos if you wish to have any.