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The Education System Of France In Detail

Different countries execute different techniques to teach their students effectively. If you’re hoping to permanently reside in France or if you simply want to compare the education system of another country with your own, you might be interested in taking these facts into note.
The levels of education present in France
The education system of France is split into three main levels, the first level being the primary level with children of the ages of six to the age of twelve being required to attend school on a daily basis. French nurseries in Dubai fall before primary education with this nurseries accepting children of the ages of three to six. After successfully completing nursery, students will be able to attend primary school where they will be developing reading and writing skills in the first year itself.
French primary schools are much like those worldwide while their curriculum consists of French, humanities, Mathematics and Science etc... It has been recorded in January 2015 that 105 international schools have being established in France. Do note that in France the national curriculum uses French as the default language but only the International schools allows a student to continue their studies in English in a country that speaks in French primarily. International schools are rather more preferable for foreign students since international schools not only use English as the official language in their curriculum, they even adopt intentional standards that would allow a student to easily transfer schools globally.
Secondary school in France enlists students of the age group from eleven to eighteen, with the students below the age of fifteen oriented to junior high as the students older than fifteen are placed into high school which is where they would study until they turn 18, after which, if they graduate, they will be accepted by a college to continue their higher studies. Do note that attending college is not mandatory. You can obtain a bachelor’s degree followed by a master’s degree in the universities of France with the highest qualification being the doctorate.
The roots of the French education system
Most people credit Napoleon Bonaparte for initiating a schooling system in France for the general population as well as the promoting education for women however Jules Ferry is credited for the creation of the modern schools of France as well as making it mandatory that children of the age’s six to twelve attend school, regardless of their gender. These laws became known as Jules Ferry laws and is also known to be called the French Lubbers.