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Uses Of A Manifest

A manifest is a literal document which details information about the cargo, passengers, crew and related members of an air craft, ship or vessel. If this document is limited to passenger’s information only, it’s called a passenger list which all of us are aware of. The manifest is the equivalent of that in terms of cargo. The main advantage of a manifest is to ensure that both the passengers and the contents of the ship which were at the beginning will be onboard until their destination. Given below are some other uses of a manifest as used by clearing companies.
In the customs and taxation
All vessels and vehicles that transport goods in a cargo company should maintain a manifest at all times. It makes the clearing process run more convenient and run smoothly. The manifest enables the taxation routine to be efficient too. Due to the details in it which includes all the details on the consignor, consignee, origin of the goods, quantity and quality, and value destination to name a few, illegal import and unfair taxation is almost impossible.
International travel
Though not useful for the procedure of a cargo company during international travel of passengers, a manifest will be required by the immigration authorities. The function of it serves the same as that of a cargo, and includes information like the name of passenger, current location, ports of embarkation and disembarkation.
In case of disasters
A passenger manifest is would be the most important document during a recovery period of a disaster stricken vessel. it is from the passenger list that the family members and the relatives of the diseased can be identified, making the process easier. A passenger manifest should be maintained in both in land and marine transport of travelers, for accidents is very untimely and sudden. A cargo manifest can easily support claims of insurance for lost goods during the disaster.
Manifests can be very useful in restoration of archeological facts. For example, an old ship that was discovered very recently, which belonged to the eighteenth century, was easily identified after the ship manifest of it was found in a hotel nearby. The accuracy of many ships and vessels that were used during the older days can be easily confirmed if the manifest of it was to be found.
From all the above mentioned facts it’s clear that a manifest for both passengers and cargo are very important in the process of importing, exporting goods, relocating to a new place and migration from one country to another.