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Many of just don’t like the sound of doing household chores due to our busy jobs, taking care of babies and other reasons. But still you don’t have to make it a problem or give up doing it. Instead make it a cheerful thing to do every day by few simple tricks we have brought to you. Go on reading, and today you are going to do your chores with much energy and enthusiasm!
Make a to-do list for the next day
If you go on forgetting what to do for the next day when it comes to cooking, cleaning and washing then its time you get used to making a to-do list. It’ll be much beneficial for you if really try. It won’t take an hour or two just few minutes and do it at the end of the day for the next coming day. Also don’t forget to check the day’s list to see whether you did everything you planned to. By this you can stop blaming yourself for missing things. There are endless days where we go on forgetting to watch our clothes so ass it to the list as well. Plan the meals as well so you don’t have to spend time thinking staring at the refrigerator on what to cook!
Get some help to do your chores
Specially if you are busy and have no time to do proper cooking and cleaning in your home you can easily find a house maid. There are different companies that you might be aware in your area that provides you with such services. You can also get a babysitter for your baby if you have to leave them behind when you go to work. It cleaning is the problem you can get cleaning companies Dubai to do the job for you. Either you get a part of your house cleaned or a full cleaning service. So, the choice is your but remember they have to be super trustworthy and excellent in their job.
Find easy ways and tools to cook
When you come home after a busy day, pretty sure you don’t want to spend the rest of your day staying in the kitchen cooking for your family. For this, find some easy recipes like skillet lasagna, pasta, noodles, sandwiches, soup, salads and other food that doesn’t even take an hour to make. If you can type in those words you’ll get a whole bunch of ideas. Also get the easy tools to do all the cutting and chopping. Check online for such tools in the kitchen that makes your cooking very fun.
It’s not a bad idea to order some pizzas or restaurant food as well for a change and if you don’t feel like cooking at all. But when you get those weekends and day offs try to bake some cakes, make new desserts and dinner ideas for your family and they will really appreciate your efforts.

If you are looking at great items in order to clean your home there are several for you to consider. You will have to get some chemical cleaning products which are safe. You can look at hardware shops which are geared towards spot cleaning too. Make sure you pick great ones which are affordable and not too expensive too. Here are some great cleaning agents for you:

Ammonia agents

Some liquids work better in some surfaces than others. You cannot use what you use on wood on the windows as it can end up damaging the surface too. You will have to consider a streak free substance which won’t create stains and destroy your window! If you use ammonia on the wrong place you can end up with cracks too. You must carefully use this if you want to protect your equipment and furniture. You can even ask cleaning equipment suppliers in UAE for advice too!

Methyl Ethyl Ketone agents

You must always try your best to keep this away from any fire too as it can become combustive. You must look at reviews and make sure that you understand all the side effects of the chemicals you use too. You can develop bad headaches and asthma if you are not careful. Always make sure to use it sparingly if you are not sure how to use it too.

Bleach agents

You can try bleach on your home surfaces. Keep in mind to use it carefully. Chlorine is actually more deadly than bleach and can damage your house and health too. The main problem is that bleach can affect the seals which bind your house, which have been planted there during construction. You must not try to mix too much of it into the commode as you can end up with toxic fumes which can result in cancer too!


Well soap can be used to wash clothes and utensils too. You can use dishwashing items to clean your dishes and make sure everything is clean. Keep in mind to purchase organic ones which are free of parabens and sulfates as they will be less damaging to the surfaces you use them on too. Do not use soap which leaves a film on the surface as this can attract other bacteria too. Some cleaning equipment suppliers know about the different products that can be used on different surface which will be a great help for you like floor polishing machines!

Remember that you must sort out the cleaning products you want and don’t want to use. Some items can be deadly for your health. Always read labels first too!

If you are planning on moving out of home or shifting to a new country and moving into a studio flat, here are 4 steps that explain to you the process in brief.
Where do you want to live?
The place you choose to move is probably the most important when deciding where you can rent a space. You may either want to be away from the hustle and bustle of the city, away from work or you might like to live close to work in a concrete jungle. See what amenities are closer to you and if you have a family, how far are the children’s schools and the grocery stores as well.Find a real estate agent
For those who have no clue about the type of apartment and where to buy it from, an agent will sort these needs out for you. They make your work load easier by narrowing down your choices based on your needs. Explain to your realtor about the place and kind of neighbourhood you like. Tell that whether you are looking for an apartment for rent or an apartment to buy don’t forget to mention the family and their needs too. The benefit in consulting with an agent is that the paper work will also be done through him/her.
Payment methods
Once you have found the place, you will have to decide how exactly the payment will be done. If it is an apartment for rent, payment would probably be on an advance and monthly fee basis. If you are buying the apartment, you will have to pay a sum of money at once or by instalment to reach the full amount. You can consider meeting with a loan officer to see how the mortgage loan works for you. For this you will have to have proof of your income, credit and debt documents. Check this link for more information about apartment for rent in Downtown Dubai.
If you are paying on a monthly basis, assure yourself and the complex owner that a monthly fee will be paid on a said date. For first time home buyers, the initial down payment amount might shock you. Nevertheless, this is normal when buying a home and one must consider it as an investment.
Settling in
Once the deal is sealed and the apartment is yours to reside in, buy furniture and other necessities to make your apartment a home. Prior to this, make sure that all the documents handed over to you are kept safe in case of any legal, rent or loan dispute. Living in the space and inspecting the space is quite different and so you might come across a few damages or glitches that need to be fixed. This is normal and should be reported to the building owner or lessor.

We all have those chores that we rather not do or sometime we simply cannot find the time in our busy lives to simply do the job, especially now with the year coming to an end. So we hire a professional to do the job for us but some people think that is the worst thing in the world, sort of betrayal of some kind by not doing your work by yourself, but what they don’t realise is that hiring professional are the smarter way to go and here are some benefits of hiring professionals to do the job.
Firstly, they have some kind of professional training to do the job. This works out very well with electrical and plumbing jobs, especially if you don’t have any knowledge in the area. The trained workmen will not only have the knowledge but the skills to fix any shortcomings that need tending to and when it comes to sensitives areas, if you don’t know what you are doing you will undoubtedly cause more damage which will lead to more repairs or worse having to replace the whole system. So getting someone who know what they are doing might be a smart and cheaper choice.
Another benefit of hiring a professional is that they will have the work experience to handle any problem that comes up during the job. Say that you know how to fix a pipe but what if you find some deeper problem that you will not be able to fix? And your meddling might have made the problem worse. This applies especially to jobs such as plumbing, electrical work and Dubai laundry service. Each of these have the possibility of being made worse by someone messing around something they don’t know and the end result will be damage that will cost money. So the more wallet friendly method might be to hire someone to do it.
The next benefit is somewhat the main reason we all hire help, it saves time. In today’s world we have enough things to do and sometimes we neglect those little chores which ultimately ends up looking like a mountain. So to save yourself from the pain of last minute panic, give the job to a professional. Especially when it comes to jobs like gardening, dry clean and cleaning the house. All these jobs take time and time is something we are in short of, it’s an admitted fact. So you don’t have to feel like less simply because you hired someone to do the work.
So the next time someone says that hiring someone is a waste of money just smile and think of all the work that will be done by the time you get home without you having to lift a finger.